Republican Senators Call for F35 Delivery in Taiwan

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On Monday, Senators Cornyn and Inhole, No. 2 Republican Senators and No. 2 Armed Services Committee respectively, sent an open letter to President Trump requesting that the United States delivers F35B and / or F16V to Taiwan, as the Island authorities have requested. According to them, the delivery of these devices will participate in the deterrence of the United States against China.

The United States has been making direct declarations targeting China and Russia for several weeks, and this open letter contributes to the increase in tensions throughout the Indo-Pacific region. Indeed, while President Xi Jinping reiterated during the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, its priority to reintegrate Taiwan into the People's Republic of China, the delivery of F35 or F16 V, the most advanced version of the Lockheed aircraft, to the Taiwanese armed forces would constitute a severe snub for the Chinese leader .

In the event of delivery of these aircraft to the Taiwanese air forces, there is little doubt that China will increase operational pressure against the American forces present there, particularly on the island of Guam and in Japan. 

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