The call for tenders to replace the Swiss F18 will soon be launched

After the cancellation of the order for J-39 Gripen following a popular vote, the Swiss air force must simultaneously replace their 26 F-5 and their 30 F-18. THE next call for tenders was announced by the Swiss authorities and 5 manufacturers were selected: Boeing for the F18 E/F, Dassault for the Rafale, Lockheed for the F35, Saab for the J-39 and Eurofighter for the Typhoon. At the same time, a call for tenders for the replacement of the anti-aircraft defense system will be launched, and 3 manufacturers have also been selected: Eurosam with the SAMP/T based on Aster missiles, Raytheon for the Patriot, and the Israeli Rafael for the David Sling system. The Swiss electorate will have to vote on whether or not they want to maintain air defense.

France manufactures Defense equipment that is both efficient and economical. However, the overall image of French equipment is neutral, or even bad, among Western public opinion. As the Swiss, but also Belgian, example shows, public opinion has an increasingly significant weight in Defense equipment contracts. 

However, French manufacturers seem to want to ignore this development in the market, and leave the Anglo-Saxons, Swedes, Germans, etc. complete latitude to promote their offers and products. 

To be convinced of this, just look at the reactions in Belgium to articles devoted to the French offer. You will see ardent defenders of the F35 tearing the Rafale under the pretext of a hypothetical technological downgrading, supporters of the Typhoon promote the European dimension of the device, but no one supports the Rafale, apart from a few French people immediately identified as such.

This indifference of French industrialists to public opinion, sometimes going as far as a certain form of contempt, will increasingly weigh on French export opportunities. However, a voluntary digital communication strategy would make it possible, at low cost, to radically change the image of our equipment for public opinion.

I also invite you to read this article, in English, a little infomercial marvel aimed at the Indian market for the benefit of the F18 and the F35. 

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