German Tornado would no longer be able to participate in NATO missions

According to the German magazine Des Spiegel citing a Luftwaffe report, the planes German tornado would no longer be able to participate in NATO missions, and in particular nuclear missions. Since entering service with the Luftwaffe in 1982, German Tornados had the capability to carry the B61 gravitational nuclear bomb. According to this report, the aircraft would no longer be able to communicate with NATO communication infrastructures, and therefore to be integrated into the air force of the alliance. 

This "leak" occurs in a particular context, when the Chief of Staff of the Luftwaffe, who had openly and insistently pronounced in favor of the F35, and this even though the German government already had one. first time called to order. 

The leak of this report is certainly not a coincidence. For several weeks, the F35 camp has been in battle order to bring Germany back on the right path, and to make it give up ordering planes Typhoons to replace its Tornados. And the main argument put forward in favor of the F35 is based on the possibility of using the B61 nuclear gravitational bomb. Note that this argument is also used in Belgium to impose the F35 against the Typhoon and Rafale, and this despite the exorbitant maintenance prices of the device.

However, it is interesting to note that the majority of support in Germany for the F35 comes from the Luftwaffe itself, and more specifically from its General Staff, very steeped in NATO doctrines.

Because, unlike France, Germany does not have the capacity to build its own aircraft; at best it can participate in cooperation to build one, as was the case with the Tornado and the Typhoon. However, alliances change with each generation, hardly allowing attachment to a manufacturer, nor long-term collaboration as is the case between the French air force (and naval aviation) and Dassault Aviation.

Beyond this point, this leak, and the argument used, while Germany is one of the signatory countries of the agreements against nuclear weapons, shows the power and methods of the supporters of the F35, despite the tens of thousands of jobs in Germany at stake.

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