The anti-ship missile market will grow to 20 Md $ in 2031

According to an analysis by Forecast International, the anti-ship missile market is expected to grow to reach $ 20 billion in 2031, rising from $ 1 billion per year today to over € 1,5 billion per year in 2027. According to this study, China will take the largest share of this market, followed by Western companies.

The Franco-British MBDA has arguments to establish itself in this market, with the Exocet family of missiles, the latest version of which, the MM40 Block III, is equipped with intelligent sensors allowing the missile to attack a high-potential target. military in a fleet, even without terminal guidance. the ANL (Antiship Light)/Sea Venom missile, which will equip French and British naval aviation helicopters, and the future anti-ship and cruise missile, FMAN/FMC, which will replace the Exocet, Harpoon and Scalp EG missiles in the navies and air forces of both countries.

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