US officials want 355-ship Navy at the earliest

A situation that we would dream of having in France! As the US Navy advocates for a gradual ramp-up of its format, Representative Rob Wittman, chairman of the Subcommittee for Projection and Naval Power Forces, has openly announced that the US Navy must return sooner rather than later. at a format of 355 combat ships.

It must be said that projections concerning the growth of the Chinese fleet show that it will have 321 combat ships in 2020, or 20 more than the US Navy. However, this Chinese format must be put into perspective, because a significant proportion of its ships are Type 056 corvettes weighing only 1500 tonnes, and the average tonnage of Chinese surface units is lower than that of the US Navy. On the other hand, the Chinese Navy should not stop its growth in 2020, its equilibrium point according to industrial projections expected to be established in 2035 around 450 combat ships, for 4 million tonnes, therefore risking significantly surpassing the US Navy, which has never had to deal with such a situation since the First World War.

If the US Navy General Staff tries to temper political enthusiasm, it is because it faces other constraints than the simple count of ships, in particular with regard to recruitment, training , military loyalty. It is relatively easy, and quick, to increase the equipment of an army, while HR management can only be part of a long-term approach which adapts very poorly to variations and changes in political direction. , especially with regard to technological armies requiring highly qualified profiles.

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