The threat to satellites is evolving

According to a report published by the Secure World Foundation, the threat against military and civilian satellites is said to be evolving, especially because of Chinese and Russian progress. Thus, if, until a few years ago, the main threat to satellites was based on the more or less experimental anti-satellite missile technologies developed by the United States, China, and, to a lesser extent, Russia, it seems that today, China and Russia have developed approaches allowing, not to destroy, but to render inoperative the targeted satellites.

Thus, even if China demonstrated in 2007 its ability to destroy a satellite by missile, it has jointly developed technologies making it possible to saturate detectors, jam transmissions, or carry out Cyber ​​offensives against Western satellites, rendering them temporarily or permanently inoperative.

Note that, at the same time, Chinese space activity has never been as intense as in recent months. Indeed, China has carried out 10 launches to deploy more than 20 satellites with military potential (China does not have an official military space program) since 1erJanuary 2018, as many as in all of 2015. 

Read the report in English (30 min):

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