Reinforcement of the NATO Air Baltic Policing device against a backdrop of tensions with Russia

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Since March 2004, NATO has been carrying out the Baltic Air Policing mission, by deploying 8 fighters on the air bases of the Baltic countries, in order to carry out air policing missions in the air control zones of these countries. Indeed, the 3 Baltic States were not and still are not in a position to have their own fighter air force. In recent years, with the resurgence of tensions with Russia, the number of interventions by these devices has significantly increased. 

Following the strikes in Syria by the 3 permanent members of the Security Council which also belong to NATO, the United States, Great Britain and France, NATO seems to anticipate an increase in air incidents with Russia, and is strengthening its air force, increasing from 8 to 14 deployed devices.

Under Portuguese command, whose air force will deploy 4 F16s, Spain will therefore deploy 6 Eurofighters Typhoon and France 4 mirage 2000-5, definitely under fire after participation in the French raid against Syrian chemical installations. 

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The Mirage 2000-5, carrying 2 infrared-guided MICA missiles and up to 4 radar-guided medium-range MICA missiles, is very suitable for this type of mission, thanks to its very high speeds and ascension rates. In addition, its maintenance costs are lower than those of a RafaleEg.

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