Would Russia carry out digital reprisals following the Western strikes in Syria?

According to a joint statement from the British and American authorities, a series of massive attacks on state services routers and firewalls of both countries has been registered, and appears to be conducted from Russia. This announcement follows another, from the same services, according to which the number of messages posted on social networks by theRussian "trolls" have increased by nearly 2000% since the Western strikes in Syria.

It is difficult to assess the veracity of these statements, even if the hypothesis of Cyber ​​retaliation was studied during the preparation of the strikes by the 3 participating countries. However, the multiple interventions of accounts systematically relaying Russian and Syrian propaganda on social networks are quite simple to observe. It remains to be hoped that, if there is a cyber offensive, it will not last long and will be limited to symbolic actions, the United States having announced that it now considers a cyber attack as a strategic attack against the United States. United, potentially leading to a military response.

It should be noted, however, that the United States has announced to postpone the application of certain sanctions against Russia, a probable gesture of de-escalation following the Russian reserve in Syria.

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