Turkey announces developing new generation mobile submarine mines?

Info or intox ? Turkish drone maker Alabyrak Savunma has announced that it has developed a mobile underwater mine"Capable of destroying all types of ships". According to a video published by the company, showing 3D animation (not an actual video), this mine, called Wattoz (Stingray in Turkish), does indeed look like a stingray, and would move in the same way.

These statements must, however, be taken with immense caution.

Indeed, several points in this video are very improbable, including the ability that such a drone would have to catch up with a moving combat ship with this mode of propulsion, which is ultimately not very effective. Furthermore, one might wonder how these drones are controlled, as radio waves propagate very poorly in a liquid, such as sea water.

We can also question the communication choices made by Alabyrak Sayunma, staging an attack against an aircraft carrier with catapults, knowing that there are only two countries using this technology, the United States and France, two NATO member countries… like Turkey, according to the latest news…

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