The GREMLINS retrievable airborne drone program is gaining momentum

DARPA has served Dynetics with a contract worth $ 38 million for a 21-month project, aimed at developing the principle of drop and recoverable aerial drones from an aircraft, identified as the GREMLINS program. Dynetics' goal is to be able to recover at least 4 drones per 30 minutes, from towed capture equipment mounted on a C-130.

The release and recovery of aerial drones by aircraft represents a major challenge for several components of modern warfare. For example, in the field of anti-submarine warfare, aerial drones could thus be dropped from a maritime patrol aircraft, such as the P8 or the future Franco-German Patmar aircraft, to operate at very low altitude in implementing magnetic anomaly detectors, the mother plane remaining at high altitude, out of range of short-range infrared-guided missiles that can be launched from a diving submarine, and saving a lot of fuel compared to to a device operating at low altitude. 

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