Indian Industry Introduces First 155mm Self-Propelled Cannon "Made in India"

Two Indian companies, OFB and BEML, officially presented their new self-propelled 155mm gun, called VIZ155mm / 52. Mounted on an 8-8 truck powered by a 400 hp engine and which has an advertised range of 1000 km, the gun has a maximum range of 42 km, and is capable of firing precision ammunition with GPS guidance, of which he carries 18 copies.

This gun, which is reminiscent of Nexter's CAESAR, was designed and built entirely in India, without external help. In this, it represents a first success of President Modi’s “make in India” policy. 

It is very likely that the VIZ155mm/32 will participate in the competition for the supply of 800 self-propelled guns launched by the Indian Ministry of Defense, a competition in which CAESAR is participating. If it is clear that the VIZ does not have the performance or maturity of the French gun, its 100% Indian DNA will, without a doubt, be an argument that will largely work in its favor...

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