Lockheed proposes a new fighter in Japan

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As the Trump administration puts significant pressure on the Japanese government of Shinzo Abe, in order to compensate for the United States' trade deficit with Japan by commander of "made in America" ​​defense equipment,we learn that Lockheed Martin would have proposed to the Japanese air self-defense forces the design of a hybrid device between the F22 and the F35.

This proposal responds to Japanese overtures regarding external aid for the realization of the F-3 stealth aircraft project, decided when the United States refused to export the F-22. 

According to Lockheed, this device would be based on technologies borrowed from both devices, for a device superior to these two parents in all areas. Most likely twin-engine, this aircraft would replace the Japanese F-15s by 2030. The aircraft must, according to the terms of the RFI, be equipped with Japanese engines and radars, and must be assembled on site. It is not specified the number of devices hoped for by the Japanese self-defense forces, nor if the device would be offered for export, which would not be a surprise given the directions given by the Japanese prime minister. . 

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