Suspicions of Corruption in South Korea Regarding Contract to Acquire 40 F-35A

South Korean authorities face an investigation into the award, in 2014, of the FX-III contract to Lockheed for the purchase of 40 F-35A. Indeed, while the call for tenders had seen the victory of Boeing's F15-Silent Eagle, a “stealth” version of the F15, for an amount of $ 7,3 billion for 60 aircraft, the intense lobbying of Lockheed, and an open letter signed by several former chiefs of staff of the South Korean army, questioned this victory, to finally attribute it to Lockheed's F35A, by reducing the number of aircraft to 40, in order to to remain within the initial budget envelope.

On the other hand, it seems that Lockheed has not respected its “best price” commitment to South Korea, since today, South Korea pays for its F35As at a unit price of $120 million. , while the US Air Force announces a unit price of $94 million (excluding engine).

While Japan is considering a new fighter inspired by the F22 and the F35, and the Italian F35 production line is facing a strike against a backdrop of the desire to cancel the contract by the "5 Star" party, winner of the elections", and the Pentagon has suspended the acceptance of the F35s due to a disagreement over financial responsibility for corrosion problems observed on the F35s delivered to the US forces, it seems that the F-35 narrative is starting to crack...

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