India should order 4 Russian light frigates class Grigorovich (11356 project)

The TASS agency has announced that India will soon formalize the order of 4 additional light frigates of the Grigorovich class, or project 11356. The Indian Navy is already using 6 of these frigates, built locally between 1999 and 2013. For this new contract, 2 frigates will be built on site, while the other 2 will be built at the St. Petersburg shipyards.

As usual with Russian naval units, the Grigorovichs are particularly well armed for a ship weighing only 3200 tonnes: 8 vertical silos for Kalibr or Brahmos cruise missiles, 24 silos for Buk intermediate-range anti-aircraft defense missiles, 1 100 mm cannon, 2 CIWS and 2 Igla very short range AA self-defense systems. They also have a platform and a hangar to operate a medium helicopter.

The Indian Navy faces a significant and urgent need for ships, its fleet being today greatly outclassed by its Chinese neighbor which, remember, builds more than 150.000 tonnes of modern warships each year.

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