Lockheed begins a seduction campaign to convince Germany to buy the F-35

Friday, December 1, 2023

Lockheed begins a seduction campaign to convince Germany to buy the F-35

The replacement of the German Tornado seems to have become the focal point of Lockheed and the US Air Force, which is not sparing itself in trying to seduce the German government and public opinion , despite the government's announcements in favor of an optimized Air-Ground version of the Typhoon . France, through the DGA, also took a position in favor of the European aircraft, warning Berlin that the choice of the F-35 could call into question Franco-German collaboration regarding the new generation FCAS fighter . These positions reveal the intense lobbying initiated by the F-35 camp, which counts on strong support from the Luftwaffe. His Chief of Staff will also have paid with his position for his too strong support for the American plane.

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Fabrice Wolf
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