The BMPT-72 Terminator-2 is admitted to service by the Russian army

The BMPT-72 Terminator-2 armored tank support vehicle received final approval from the Russian military authorities, and the first units have already been received by certain Russian units of the 1st Guards Army.

This armored vehicle, based on the T-72 tank chassis, is equipped with two 2 mm cannons, two twin-tube missile launchers equipped with Ataka-T anti-tank missiles with a range of 30 m, and a machine gun. 6000 remotely operated, was designed following feedback from the wars in Chechnya, Georgia and Donbass, during which Russian tanks proved vulnerable to anti-tank systems operated by infantry or mounted on fast vehicles. The Terminator will provide increased firepower both in maneuver zones and in urban combat, against infantry and light armor operating at close range, or against heavy armor before they come within firing distance.

To date, there is no equivalent to Terminator 2 in the West, which favors more classic concepts between infantry fighting vehicles like the Bradley or the VBCI, and light tanks, like the future EBRC Jaguar French, more mobile but with slightly less firepower (2 MMP missiles firing at 4000 m compared to 4 Ataka-t bringing it to 6000 for the Russian machine). But it is in the concept of employment that the doctrines diverge significantly, French light tanks not being intended to support heavy tanks in their engagements. Is it right or wrong?

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