Australia is also studying cooperative engagement solutions

The Royal Australian Navy led a test campaign concerning its cooperative engagement capabilities, allowing multiple ships and aircraft to combine their air defense information and capabilities. This is how HMAS Hobart, the new Australian Aegis destroyer, collaborated with NUSHIP Brisbane, its sistership, to test their capabilities to exchange tactical and engagement information. This technology also makes it possible to integrate information from aircraft or drones, authorizing a ship (or an aircraft) to fire without having to activate its own detection means, and therefore reveal its position and risk a return shot. For the moment, only the US Navy officially has this capability, but many navies, including the Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean and French navies, have launched more or less advanced programs to equip themselves with this capability.

The Australian naval forces have embarked on a vast program to modernize their equipment, including new destroyers, submarines (the Shortfin Barracuda from Naval Group), and new frigates, in competition with the Italian FREMM, the F-100 from Navantia, and the British type-26. They must face the rapid rise in power of the Chinese Navy, which receives between 150.000 and 200.000 tonnes of new and modern military vessels each year.

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