Russia could deliver S-300 to Syria, and Israel could destroy them

The information had already leaked the very day after the multinational strikes against Syrian chemical infrastructure: Russia would consider resuming delivery of the 6 S-300 systems ordered by Syria in 2010, and suspended in 2013 by Moscow. One might wonder why since, according to the sputniknews site, the Buk, Osa, S-200 and Pantsir already in service with the Syrian forces managed to shoot down 42 Western missiles (or 71, depending on which line you read).

Beyond the irony, the deployment of the S-300 system in Syria would be likely to increase tension in the area, more particularly with Israel, which has already announced that if delivered, it would destroy these missile batteries. Not that Israel particularly fears the forces of the Bashar Al Assad regime, but that these batteries would be able to prevent rapid responses against the forces of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards operating in southern Syria, near Lebanon and the Golan Heights. In addition, the range of the S-300 would allow Syrian (and therefore Iranian) forces to detect and potentially engage Israeli aircraft above the same Golan Heights, which is, obviously, unacceptable for the Jewish State.

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