Russian jamming is very effective in Syria

According to General Thomas, commander of US special forces, electronic jamming in Syria is so powerful and effective thathe manages to prevent major coalition devices, and US forces, to function. Thus, the AC-130, the famous Specters equipped with heavy machine guns and cannons in the ports to support the ground troops, as well as various drones. Russia is obviously suspected, to the extent that it has invested heavily in this area since 2008. 

As is often the case, Russia has invested not to do better than the United States or the West, but to make the equipment inoperable: without GPS and without data links, a large part of the Western technological advantage is no longer valid. no use, and the equipment equipping the Russian forces regains the advantage, because it is designed to operate in more “rustic” environments. This approach, characteristic of Russian doctrine for 15 years, and copied by Chinese doctrine, will have allowed Russian forces to return to the forefront of the world stage, despite defense investments 10 times lower than those of the United States. , and 4 times lower than those of Europeans combined. 

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