India withdraws from FGFA project for Indian variant of Su-57

After 10 years of a tense relationship full of twists and turns, India finally suspended its participation in the FGFA project, the Indian version of the Su-57 fighter currently being developed by Russia. This announcement is only half a surprise, as the stumbling blocks have continued to litter this project since its launch. It also marks the increasingly marked distance between India and its traditional ally, Russia, against a backdrop of rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing. In addition, the IAF, the Indian Air Force, which is encountering numerous reliability problems with its 250 Su-30 MKI multi-purpose fighters, has continued to try to cancel this contract, which will have already cost more than 3 billion $ to India, to invest in devices “like the Rafale », in the words of the IAF Chief of Staff.

If you Rafale French is effectively supported by the IAF, and has notable advantages on the Indian market, the diplomatic, commercial and communications offensive currently led by the United States and the US Defense industries in India, erodes every day of advantage of this advance. The absence of signature of a Defense contract, and in particular of an additional order of Rafale expected as much by Dassault as by the IAF, is a sign of this effort, which exploits the Indian opposition, while trying to seduce public opinion, in order to put the Moodi government on the defensive on this issue.

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