Russia tests Artificial Intelligence applied to its anti-aircraft defense

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Russia announced that it had carried out the first full-scale test of theintegration of artificial intelligence resources for the benefit of controlling its anti-aircraft defense. According to Russian statements, artificial intelligence would be used to quickly analyze the tactical patterns coming from the different sensors of a system like the S-300, the S-400 or the Pantsir, to offer the best intervention options to personnel. in charge of the area.

This approach would make it possible to optimize the means to respond to different types of adversaries, ranging from drones to ballistic missiles, including a massive cruise missile attack. It should be noted that this approach integrates both cooperative engagement and artificial intelligence technologies, two areas considered cutting-edge, and of which only the United States had, until now, demonstrated operational capabilities. 

Once again, this shows that despite limited communication, Russian research in defense technology is far from lagging behind the West. It is time to stop believing that Western technology is an insurmountable shield. France and the United Kingdom also thought they were far ahead technologically in 1939...

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