China could order new Su-35

In 2015, China ordered 24 Su-35 multi-role fighters from Russia, with delivery expected to end this year. Already declared operational, the device seems satisfy the Chinese forces, since several sources indicate that an additional order could quickly be placed for 72 new aircraft, in order to go from one to 4 regiments equipped with the Russian fighter, and thus replace the Chinese Su27s reaching the limit of their potential.

This order, if proven, will confirm the excellent performance of the latest representative of the Su-27 family, an aircraft combining advanced avionics and optronic equipment, very powerful engines, exceptional maneuverability and an attractive price, estimated at €50 million. . 

It is also not excluded that this order is associated with certain technology transfers, particularly in the field of engines, which remains the weak point of the Chinese aeronautical industry. As the information is not official, it has not yet been covered by the specialist press.

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