Demonstration of the automated mortar by the US Army

Like all the components of a modern military force, artillery is undergoing rapid change today. Advances in detection means, the precision of munitions and their increased range, create new doctrines, but also new constraints. Thus, the time available for an artillery battery to deploy, fire its ammunition and escape, has decreased considerably. 

It is this observation that led Nexter to develop the CAESAR self-propelled gun, capable of setting up in battery, firing its projectiles and evacuating the firing zone in less than a minute, thus reducing its vulnerability to riposte or counter fire. battery.

It is this same observation that governed the design of the automated 81mm mortar from the company Ardec Armements, as part of the ADIM program. Mounted on an HMMWV vehicle, this part is capable of treating its targets with direct or indirect fire, in an automated manner, therefore in a very short time.

When we know that Russian guns are today capable of hitting targets over 70 km away with metric precision, this capacity seems likely to become widespread in high-intensity theaters. As such, Nexter is working on similar technology mounted on the VBMR, intended to replace the venerable 120 mm mortars which still equip several French light artillery units today.

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