J-20 experiments with helmet sights

The Chinese Air Force has communicated on the use of helmet sights aboard its new long-range stealth fighter J-20. This equipment allows the pilot to locate and designate his targets simply by moving his head.

Helmet sight technology is not new, and many air forces already use it on 4th and 5th generation fighters. But it demonstrates, once again, that Chinese technology has reached an advanced level of maturity and performance.

To be effective, it requires advanced missiles capable of maneuvering with significant de-pointing, numerous sensors as well as significant tactical collaboration and data fusion capabilities.

If neither the French air force nor the French naval aviation currently uses a helmet viewfinder on Rafale (for budgetary reasons), the plane is obviously adapted to take advantage of it. Thus, the rafales of the Indian air forces and Qatari women will be equipped with them.  

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