The GREMLINS recoverable drone program on a good track

The GREMLINS program, aimed at launching and recovering drones from a C-130 aircraft in flight, is expected begin the first demonstrations at the end of next year, according to DARPA. 

This capability would represent a significant operational advance, by allowing small drones, therefore difficult to detect, to operate deep within the enemy's system. It should be noted, in this respect, that studies are underway to bring this capability to the F-22 and F-35, aircraft that are themselves stealthy.

Other areas would benefit from such technology, particularly maritime patrol aircraft, by allowing them to carry out the mission at high altitude, thereby saving fuel and reducing vulnerability to deployed anti-aircraft self-defense systems. submarine, while operating drones at very low altitude, essential for the use of magnetic anomaly detectors.

Finally, this program will expand the possibilities for using swarms of drones, with launch and recovery procedures by other drones, opening perspectives in terms of interdiction, electronic warfare, intelligence, etc.

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