Naval Group teams up with SNC in Romania to bid on 4 Corvettes

Naval Group announced the signing of an alliance with the Romanian shipyards SNC, for the construction of Gowind2500 corvettes. As part of the modernization of its armed forces, Romania launched a consultation in March 2018 for the construction of 4 multi-purpose corvettes, which must imperatively be built in Romania. Only the Dutchman Damen had a site in Romania, and the contract therefore seemed to be promised to him. 

Change of context with this announcement from Naval Group, allowing the French group to compete with its Gowind2500 corvette, already ordered for nearly 20 units around the world. In November 2017, President Macron also proposed the Gowind2500 to Bulgaria, which is seeking to acquire 2 modern corvettes, and this model is still on the negotiating table with Greece, which however seems to favor heavier solutions, such as the FTI Belh@rra.

Carrying a 76mm cannon, 16 vertical silos for a short-range Mica VL surface-to-air missile, 8 MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles and 2 triple torpedo launchers equipped with Mu-90, the Gowin2500 are very well armed, and have a suite of High-performance Air/Surface and underwater detection, including a 3D Smart-S Mk2 radar and a CAPTAS-2 towed sonar.

The deployment of 4 or 6 Gowind2500s would be likely to significantly change the balance of power in the Black Sea.

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