China would have started designing a hypersonic drone

An article appeared on a specialized Chinese site presents manufacturing processes for a new dronewhich will have to face exceptional mechanical and thermal constraints. It is therefore easy to imagine that this drone will have a hypersonic flight range, especially since it seems that this technology, for which the Chinese and especially the Russians seem to have a significant head start over the West, is on the verge of becoming a strategic issue, going so far as to overshadow the all-powerful stealth.

It is obviously far too early to speculate on the performance of such a drone, nor on its operational use. On the other hand, the “hypersonic” problem is beginning to be well known, particularly regarding the significant difficulties in countering it. Apart from the fact that very fast missiles or projectiles are required to oppose a missile (or a drone) at hypersonic speed, it is above all the very short reaction times imposed by these weapons which pose problems, requiring armies to profoundly modify their fire procedures, with increasing recourse to Artificial Intelligence to speed up the process.

The article also highlights the new industrial processes used to produce the prototype, in particular 3D printing. Because if the Defense Industry has made such significant progress over the last 20 years, it is largely thanks to developments in its industrial tools. Today, China has not only caught up in this area compared to the West, but has sometimes surpassed it in certain strategic areas. This is why it is very likely that over the next few years, the Chinese defense industry will surprise many people with its announcements.

It is likely that French industry can still catch up with Chinese speed, but the investments to be made will have to change scale, requiring a profound paradigm shift in the very conception of the Defense and Research industry. However, the window is getting smaller day by day...

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