MBDA's MMP anti-tank missile exceeds expectations

MBDA's new anti-tank missile which will equip the French forces very soon, has perfectly successful shooting campaignorganized by the army in May. It even exceeded expected performances, reaching targets 5000 m away, while the missile is given for a range of 4000 m. Anti-tank missiles that reach or even exceed 5000 m are not exceptional, but the fact that it is a missile as light as the MMP (11 kg) is quite remarkable. Thus, the Javelin missile, which the MMP will replace, whose weight is also 11 kg, does not exceed 2500 m. The Russian Kornet reaches 5500 m, but has a mass of 27 kg, 2,5 more than the MMP.

Combining lightness, range, firepower and a very efficient guidance system, the MMP could well experience the same success as its ancestor, the Milan missile, which has exceeded 350.000 units.

This exceptional know-how should encourage the French (and German) authorities to favor MBDA's MLP solution to replace the HellFire of the Tiger helicopter in its future standard.

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