New attack on an Emirati ship off Yemen

According to several consistent reports, an Emirati military unit was allegedly attacked on June 13 off the coast of Yemenby an anti-ship missile launched by Houti forces. The information is still very fragmentary today, and no confirmation has yet come from the Emirati authorities. However, it appears that the affected ship was so badly damaged that it sank, and that at least 4 Emirati sailors died in the attack.

The Emirati navy is a small navy, operating around ten light corvettes including 6 Combattante BR71 from CMN. We still do not know the type of ship affected, but this tends to demonstrate that the needs in terms of self-protection capacity for military ships have increased significantly in recent years. Indeed, if access to anti-ship missiles was until recently reserved for first-tier navies, these weapons have become widely available, lowering the threshold for engagement of these weapon systems, and consequently, the risks for naval units. If an A69 Aviso could carry out military missions in low and medium intensity zones 20 years ago, this is no longer the case today, and even a stealthy light frigate, whether modernized or not, would be very exposed in these missions. 

In fact, the notion of ship of 1erand 2ndrank set up by the General Staff of the National Navy, is losing its meaning today, with ships not having sufficient self-protection capabilities finding themselves, whatever their tonnage, limited in their operational capabilities. 

This episode also shows the growing need for CIWS, close protection systems, an area in which the French Navy, and French industry, cruelly lack know-how and experience.

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