Armed Robots, a big trend at EuroSatory

If we had to remove only one trend of the EuroSatory 2018, it would be the arrival of armed robots, both on the stands and in the equipment plans of the armed forces.

Far from the debate on killer robots, the robots presented being, for the most part, controlled by an operator, the operational benefits of these armed drones, whether terrestrial or aerial, open up tactical developments that no general staff wants , nor can, ignore.

Once again, and this is becoming a habit lately, it is not Western industry which has control over this technology, but rather the Russian defense industry, which has already used these robots in operations in Syria, and perhaps even in Donbass. But unlike hypersonic weapons, Western industry, particularly European, was able to react quickly, and the proposals and demonstrators at the EuroSatory show are proof of this.

Among these robots, stands out MBDA’s IMPACT drone : based on the THeMis land drone from Milrem Robotics, this robot carries two latest generation MMP anti-tank missiles, which has just demonstrated performance above expectations during the Army test campaign. With a very low thermal signature, the IMPACT will be a formidable opponent for opposing tanks and armor, while allowing infantry to remain out of range of a response. 

However, we cannot ignore certain consequences of these robotic systems, whether offensive or defensive, which risks promoting the idea of ​​a war without risks and without losses. However, history shows that no weapon system has ever achieved this objective, and that the consequences were sometimes dramatic, whether it was the arrival of heavy artillery during the First World War, or bombers heavy during the second, American fighter bombers in Vietnam etc…

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