India very close to fulfilling its S-400 order

While more and more voices are being raised in the United States against the delivery of F-35s to Turkey, due to its intention to equip itself with Russian S-400s, India is reportedly on the verge of signing the final order for equip 5 regiments with the anti-aircraft defense system star of Russian industry.

Relations between India and Russia have been tense in recent years, against a backdrop of deliveries to China of S-400 and the new Su-35 fighter, but the climate seems to be calming between New Delhi and Moscow, in point that India would once again consider equipping itself with the Russian Su-57 to counter Chinese production, such as the J-20 and the FC-31. Thus, the Indian Navy ordered 4 Russian Admiral Grigorovich project 11356 frigates two months ago to reinforce the 6 units of the Talwar class that it already operates.

The United States had spared no effort to seduce Prime Minister Moodi and bring India to join the US alliance, and this turnaround, accompanied by the cancellation of the competition aimed at acquiring a light fighter which opposed, ultimately, the F-16V and the JAS-39 Gripen, seems to indicate that India would seek to maintain its non-aligned status, and its ability to equip itself both in Russia and in Europe, with Israel and of the United States, and therefore the failure of the American attempt at seduction.

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