New information regarding the future Chinese LHD Type 075

The EastPendulum blog provides us with new information concerning the future helicopter carrier assault ship of the Chinese Navy, identified as the Type 075. Weighing 32.000 tonnes loaded, it will have 6 sports and 3 elevators, to accommodate up to 28 helicopters, and will have a base that can accommodate two Type 726A assault hovercraft. Thus prepared, the Type 75 will be able to project the equivalent of a reinforced regiment with its vehicles, by a helicopter and naval assault.

It seems that not 3 but 5 examples of this ship have already been ordered, but it would be very surprising if a 6th example was not ordered, so as to have 2 Type 75s per fleet. 

Thus, each Chinese fleet (which has 3), should field 2 LHD Type 075, 2 TCD Type 072, and at least two aircraft carriers, by 2030, each capable of deploying a Marine infantry brigade with cover naval and air force required.

There is no doubt that this naval power, associated with airborne and air forces from the continent, will be able to pose a very significant threat to Taiwan, and to all the neighbors of the Middle Kingdom.

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