The Chinese Navy will overtake European Navies in 2025.

While 28th Type 054 frigate(model 054A) has just been admitted to service by the People's Liberation Army Navy, Beijing's efforts to build a world-class high seas fleet continue to intensify.

The format of this fleet is presented in an infographic published by the Chinese services, and is impressive:

  • 3 aircraft carriers including 1 catapult aircraft carrier
  • 12 Type055 cruisers
  • 26 Type052D anti-aircraft destroyers
  • 15 modernized ASM type 052 and 956 destroyers
  • 26 type 054 and 054A frigates
  • 24 type 054B frigates
  • 4 LHD type 075
  • 6 LPD Type 071

In comparison, in Europe, including Great Britain and Norway, we will have:

  • 3 heavy aircraft carriers including 1 with catapults
  • no heavy cruisers or destroyers
  • 28 anti-aircraft destroyers
  • 24 ASW destroyers
  • 42 frigates
  • 6 LHD
  • 2 LPDs

Only 20 years ago, the Chinese Navy was a navy limited to coastal self-defense and coast guard forces. In 25 years, it will have caught up with, and surpassed, all European naval forces. It should be noted that the same goes for the air forces. It should also be noted that 50% of the Chinese fleet in 2025 will be less than 10 years old, while 50% of the European fleet will be more than 15 years old. 

This comparison also shows that European navies are completely missing out on the return of cruisers, with no vessel of this type being planned or even imagined to date in our countries. However, the capacity to carry a very large number of various missiles is, today, one of the best means to implement or counter access denial strategies, with the exception of submarines. 

It is also essential to keep in mind that the aforementioned European format is, for the moment, a definitive format, and that there is no question of increasing it. On the other hand, the Chinese format is an intermediate format, and in 2030, there will probably be as many new buildings compared to 2025 as there will be in 2025 compared to today .

In fact, in the coming decade, and in the absence of a strong reaction on a European scale, Europe, as a continent, will be militarily downgraded, as will, naturally, all its members.

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