Impressed by the CAESAR, the US Army is considering... copying it!

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If the AMX10RCs of 1erForeign cavalry regiment had impressed the American forces during Operation Desert Storm, today it is the turn of the CAESAR self-propelled guns, deployed as part of Operation Chammal in Iraq, to ​​arouse great interest among our allies . To the point of trying to make a copy.

Until now, US self-propelled artillery relied on the M109 Paladin, a 155mm cannon on a tracked chassis, weighing a whopping 29 tonnes. Due to its mass, the Paladin is not very mobile, reaching only 55 km/h on the road, and 20 km/h off-road. In addition, its range is limited to 300 km on the road, its 440 horsepower engine devouring 500 liters of fuel very quickly.

Nexter's CAESAR comes from a completely different philosophy. Weighing only 18 tonnes, it reaches 100 km/h on the road, 50 km/h off-road, and its range reaches 600 km. Its 155 mm gun, longer than that of the M109, allows shells to be fired at 40 km, where the M109 today only reaches 24 km. Above all, the CAESAR is designed to minimize the time of setting up, firing, and evacuation, so as to reduce the risk of counter-battery fire.

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In Iraq, counter-battery fire was not a significant risk, but the increased mobility of the CAESARs allowed the French guns to move quickly to provide the fire support required or it was necessary. 

In fact, the US Army undertook, in February 2018, to develop a new mobile self-propelled gun called BRUTUS(the reference to CAESAR is marked even in the name), in particular to replace the 105mm howitzers and the towed 155mm cannons. 

It is within the framework of this request that the tests of a 155 mm cannon with damped recoil mounted on a 4×4 truck were undertaken by the 75th field artillery brigade. 

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For the moment, no information has been provided, neither on the objectives of the tests, nor on their results. That said, it is not enough to mount a 155 mm cannon on a 4×4 truck to make a CAESAR, which has an automatic loading system, and an aiming device and automated aiming. in advanced battery.

Perhaps our allies, so quick to ask Europeans to pay by purchasing their equipment, could be interested in the original, rather than trying to make a copy?

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