Russian forces will receive 450 armored vehicles in 2019

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that it plans to receive 450 armored vehicles during 2019, in an effort to achieve a modern equipment rate of 70% in 2020.

Concretely, Russian units will continue to receive T73B3M, T80BVM and T90M heavy tanks during the year, each being a largely improved and modernized version of armor designed by Soviet engineers. In 2018, Russian forces received 150 modernized tanks, which mainly joined the units deployed along the country's western border. The units will also receive infantry fighting vehicles, troop transport vehicles, artillery vehicles, engineering vehicles, etc.

However, we note in this list the absence of new generation armored vehicles, such as the T15/T15 Armata, the Kurganet-25, or the Boomerang, these armored vehicles being still considered in the testing phase.

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