FMAN / FMC program goes one step further

The Franco-British Future Missile AntiNavire / Future Cruise Missile project, intended to replace the Exocet, Harpoon and SCALP/Storm Shadow missiles, has just concluded its preliminary concept definition phase. Thus, the new system will have a range of up to 1000 km (in the airborne version), a speed of up to Mach7, therefore classified as hypersonic, and will have a stealth profile. 

As noted by the blog Le armchair de Colbert, it is however unknown whether or not the missile could be deployed from submarines, such as the Exocet SM39. Indeed, for the moment, only the vertical silo firing option seems to have been retained. This option could also be potentially problematic for French ships, which today use oblique containers for MM40s. The use of vertical launchers could therefore be to the detriment of other missiles in silos, such as the Aster anti-aircraft defense missile, or MdCN long-range strike missile.

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