The US Navy plans to build a large fleet of naval drones

Is the era of “capital ships” over? This is in essence the trend that is emerging of very sustained reflection within the US Navy, believing that it should evolve its format, and integrate a large fleet of vessels much smaller than current vessels, and devoid of crew!

In this vision, conventional ships, equipped with crews, would act as control and coordination units (and maintenance editor's note?) for the benefit of a fleet of drone ships which would carry the deceptors (radars, sonars ) and effectors (missiles, artillery, torpedoes, etc.). This approach would make it possible to optimize the resources available in the coverage area, while reducing human need, a commodity that is already rare today.

It also responds to strong current trends, such as the increasing stealth of buildings and aircraft, requiring detection means either to be much more powerful, or to be much more numerous.

It is also, and perhaps above all, a way for the United States to respond to the challenge of China, and its 1,4 billion people, facing 325 million Americans. 

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