The US Navy presents its plan to rebuild its logistical capabilities

With the rise of Russian and Chinese military forces, the United States has regained awareness of the need to have a powerful logistics fleet. However, the Sea Lift Command's vessels are for the most part reaching their age limit, due to failure to anticipate the resurgence of this need. As a result, the US Navy had to urgently launch a study to design a new strategy to recapitalize the Sea Lift Command. 

If, initially, the study envisaged, to reduce costs, designing only one hull for all the vessels in the fleet, it quickly became apparent that it would be necessary to have at least one two: a hull dedicated to the transport of goods and equipment, favoring large interior spaces, and a hull dedicated to buildings with a high human component, such as hospital ships, or workshop ships.

In any case, the Sea Lift Command should now quickly be able to begin its reconstruction, with the first orders expected for 2023, and the first deliveries for 2026.

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