The Uran-9 combat robot soon to be in service in Russia

In a press release from the TASS agency, Russian military authorities confirmed the upcoming entry into service of the Uran-9 combat drone, manufactured by the Kalashnikov factories. This entry into service comes as a surprise, because according to leaked reports on Russian social networks, the Uran-9 showed deplorable performance during tests in real conditions in Syria. The drone in fact very quickly lost connection with the control station, sometimes for long minutes, and showed that it could not be deployed more than 100 m in an urban environment.

However, according to statements by Kalashnikov CEO Vladimir Dmitiriev, these tests made it possible to detect problems which were subsequently corrected, and the ground drone is now in series production.

The Uran-9 is equipped with a 30mm cannon, a 7,62mm machine gun, 4 Ataka anti-tank missiles, and 12 grenade launchers.

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