Modernized Chinese aircraft carrier Lioaning at sea again

In spring 2018, the Chinese Navy's aircraft carrier Lioaning entered into a repair and modernization project, aimed at improving the general performance of the building, and integrating feedback from recent years. In addition, the objective was for the Liaoning to be as close as possible to the second Chinese aircraft carrier, which should enter service this year, and which had benefited from these improvements before its older sibling.

It appears more and more that the Liaoning, like its sister ship, are above all vessels intended to develop and perfect the expertise of the Chinese Navy in terms of combat and naval aero maneuvers.

Experience and know-how which will be put to good use on the next Chinese aircraft carriers, heavier and equipped, this time with catapults. Construction of the first unit of this new class has already started, and the laying down should take place in the third quarter of this year. Note that certain observations suggest that the construction of a fourth aircraft carrier has also begun.

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