British P-8 crew training begins in Florida

It was in 2011 that a British maritime patrol Nimrod belonging to the 51st Squadron carried out its last mission for the Royal Air Force. Since then, Great Britain no longer has maritime patrol aircraft, the British authorities having judged, at that time, that the threat posed by the Russian submarine fleet had disappeared.

6 years later, the United Kingdom reversed this decision, finally ordering, in 2018, 9 P8 Poseidon maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft from the American Boeing, and the first crews began their training in Florida at the start of the year.

It only took 7 years for the Royal Air Force to lose expertise that had taken decades to develop, and they are now forced to train in the United States, while for decades the RAF was, with the French Navy, authority in matters of maritime patrol. And it will take many, many years for British crews to regain the level of excellence that characterized them.

To keep in mind, when sometimes, for budgetary reasons, we consider losing, even temporarily, tactical capabilities... The cost will, in the end, be much higher.

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