China identified as key cyber threat by US intelligence

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In a report submitted to the US Congress, the heads of the 6 US intelligence agenciesinsisted on the role of China, but also of Russia, Iran and North Korea, in the very significant increase in cyber attacks against American interests in 2018.

According to them, China is now showing remarkable dynamism in this area, using cyber offensives for traditional, economic and even political intelligence. In addition, having very significant resources, they have now become leaders in the development of hacking technologies, inspiring the entire hacker community around the world.

Thus, the midterm elections, which were held in 2018, were the subject of very significant cyber-espionage activity, targeting both the Democratic and Republican camps.

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The fact remains that today, while a significant portion of digital equipment is designed and/or manufactured in China, the vulnerability of the entire American and Western economy to Chinese hackers is growing, if not critical.

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