The first Chinese Rail Gun will enter service in 2025

According to a US intelligence report, revealed by the site CNBC, Chinese naval units will have their first electric cannon from 2025. According to the site, the work carried out by China in this area was noted in 2011, and the first tests took place in 2014. It seems that the phase testing, especially on naval units, will end in 2023.

In all likelihood, based on this schedule, the next series of Type055 heavy destroyers will therefore be based on a modified version of it (type 055A?), Capable of producing sufficient electrical energy to implement this Rail Gun.

According to the report, the Chinese Rail Gun would reach a muzzle exit velocity greater than mach 8, and a range of 200 km. However, no information is given concerning the precision of the shot, and a possible guidance system, which is nevertheless essential when shooting at such a distance. On the other hand, the American services estimate that the shells used by this gun would cost between $25.000 and $50.000. For comparison, an Exocet MM40 Block3 missile is estimated to have a unit price of more than €1 million, for a significantly comparable range and destructive capacity.

If Europeans and Americans have also developed electric cannon programs, it appears that China has a very marked lead in this area, comparable to the Russian lead in hypersonic weapons, two key technologies for future mastery. of the battlefield. Western technological superiority, on which NATO's entire defensive strategy is based, seems well and truly undermined 

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