Europe risks deep international downgrading linked to its military weakness

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After having raised the question of the extension of French deterrence to the protection of Europe at the end of last week, Wolfgang Ishinger, former German ambassador to Washington, and organizer of the annual Munich Security Conference, has once again laid the foundations for reflection on the effective European military capacity, and its dquickly crushed against countries like China and Russia. And to predict that this military downgrading will irremediably lead to a global downgrading of the Union as well as of its members, to see a latent disintegration in favor of more powerful allies, the United States not to mention them.

As Mr. Ishinger declares, “Europe cannot continue to build itself while hoping that all its neighbors are pacifist.” And, the fact is, with the exception of a few very notable countries, such as Poland, Romania and the Baltic States facing the Russian threat, or Greece facing Turkish rearmament, Europe generally remains in a very minimalist approach. in terms of Defense, basing its defensive capabilities only on US support and the dissuasive capacity of French and British nuclear weapons and the few NATO B61 combes, without building real forces capable of opposing threats proven.

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