T14 and T90M arrive in Russian forces

If the Russian forces have massively perceived new battle tanks in recent years, they were above all T72B3M and T80BVM, as well as some T-90A. In 2019 and 2020, new heavy armored vehicles will join Russian units.

So this year 12 T14 Armata and 4 T16 tank repairers will be delivered to the Russian army. These will be the first production copies of the new generation tank that hit the headlines when it was officially presented during the Victory Day parade in 2015. The new armored vehicles will be destined to be evaluated by the military authorities, so plan ahead. the service entrance to what will ultimately be the main Russian heavy armored vehicle.

In 2020, Russian units pwill receive the first copies du T90M, a largely modernized version of the T90A already in service. The armored vehicle has Relikt ERA reactive armor, a new optronic suite and a Russian-made hunter killer targeting system, making the “Proryv-3” a formidable opponent for Western tanks, even modernized ones.

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