US Army seeks manufacturer for 144 IM-SHORAD system

When, at the beginning of 2017, the first American and European troops deployed in the Baltic countries and in Poland to face the Russian military reinforcement, the lack of means in terms of anti-aircraft cover of the deployed elements became a major risk. in case of conflict. The Pentagon quickly launched the program IM-SHORAD, for Interim Manoeuver, Short Range Air Defense, an interim solution pending the design of a lasting solution.

The IM SHORAD consists of a Stryker armored vehicle produced by General Dynamics Land System, and a weapon system integrating a radar produced by the Italian Leonardo. The weapon system carries 2 HellFire missiles with anti-tank or anti-aircraft capabilities, 4 Stinger missiles, and a 30 mm Bushmaster cannon.

It must be able to deal with aerial targets ranging from helicopters to low-flying planes, including aerial drones, and, if necessary, enemy armor. The US Army wishes to order 144 systems, delivered over 3 years between 2020 and 2022, to equip 4 battalions of 36 units each.

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