Russia will begin major modernization of its versatile fighter Su-30SM

The Su-30SM is today one of the most efficient aircraft of the Russian air and naval forces. Versatile, heavily armed and benefiting from a two-man crew, it can perform air defense missions as well as precision attack or anti-ship warfare. But the device, which entered service 18 years ago, is beginning to be overtaken by the latest technologies in service, both in the Russian and Western armies.

The vast modernization planannounced in September 2018, should therefore soon be started, while a final order of 60 devices should soon be served on the manufacturer.

Among the modernized elements, the replacement of the two AL-31FP reactors with AL-41F-1S already equipping the Su-35S, the modernization of the optronics, avionics and the aircraft's payload capacities. In addition, the new engines will provide an increase in electrical power to extend the performance of the BAR-R radar to the level of that of the N-035 Irbis radar of the Su-35S.

Thus, the Su-30SM fleet will have improved performances close to those of the Su-35s, as well as maintenance harmonized with that of the new Russian fighter. 

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