Poland ready to acquire 32 F-35 in unprecedented Defense effort by 2026

Are these questions of balance of power at NATO level or struggles for influence within Polish headquarters, anyway, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak has announced a new plan to modernize and strengthen the Polish armed forces, replacing that of 2017, however already ambitious, with € 45 billion to be invested by 2032. This time, it will be € 43 billion to be invested, but by 2026, an investment more than doubled from an annual point of view.

 This will allow Poland to jointly modernize its Navy, with the acquisition of new submarines (an issue in which Naval Group and TKMS are fighting each other vigorously), its land forces with the recent acquisition of around twenty HIMARS systems, and its air force, with the replacement of the Su-22 and Mig-29 remaining from the Soviet era.

As is generally the case with Poland, alignment with NATO and the United States seems to be largely favored, since to replace these aircraft, Poland would consider acquiring 32 F35As, since the announced objective is to acquire “5th generation” devices, and the F35 is the only Western device currently on the market that meets this classification, also with variable geometry to perfectly adapt to the Lockheed device.

With this investment, the Polish Defense budget will reach 2,5% of GDP, making it one of the very best "students" of NATO, with Greece, even though the German Minister of Finance from the SPD, Olaf Scholz once again announced today that Germany will not increase its defense investment to 1,5% of GDP in 2025, as promised by A. Merkel, once again provoking the ire of 'Ursula von der Leyen.

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