Military Intelligence Upgrades to Big Data

In the information age, when terrorists post selfies on Facebook, where battles are broadcast live and Google Earth reveals secret military bases, the amount of information to be processed becomes, in the truest sense of the word, inhuman. And "these are not additional analysts who will solve the problem" said Jean-François Ferlet, director of military intelligence.

Faced with the Bigdata wall, the DRM brought together in February, as part of the “Intelligence Campus” initiative, research experts, large companies and French start-ups in order to detect the best monitoring and information processing tools available.

The DRM is not the only intelligence agency to capture innovation externally to take advantage of Bigdata. The DGSI thus adopted, not without controversy, the American solution Palantir in 2015, resulting from a CIA investment fund (IN-Q-Tel). The American company was several years ahead of the competition at the time.

Today French alternatives are appearing and leaving room for optimism. The Artemis program, launched in 2017 by the DGA, should enable the emergence by the end of 2019 of a sovereign data processing and AI solution or the “Data Intelligence Cluster”, the result of the collaboration of 22 French companies , which brought a competitive and French solution to the market.

Thibaud Mattei

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