The US Army wants to quickly deploy laser weapons on its Stryker armored vehicles

The US Stryker MEHEL armored vehicle is equipped with a 5kw laser to engage enemy drones and missiles Archives | Laser weapons and directed energy | Construction of armored vehicles

According to Bruce Jette, in charge of acquisitions for the US Army, the US Army is planning in the near future the acquisition of laser weapon systems of 10 Kwh and above, intended to equip its Stryker armored vehicles. If the US Army has already started the deployment of the MEHEL system, a Stryker equipped with a 5 kWh laser, intended mainly to intercept light drones on the battlefield, it has at the same time launched 4 programs aimed at producing systems much more more powerful, capable of intercepting not only drones, but also missiles, rockets, shells and aircraft.

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